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What is Commercial Credit?

Credit issued under a business name is known as business credit. The business develops its own credit profile and credit score with the help of Credit Skyway. The company will thereafter be eligible for credit if it has an established credit profile and score. This credit is determined by the company’s capacity to pay, not by the owners. In other circumstances, the business owner’s personal guarantee (SSN) is not necessary because the company’s (EIN) is eligible for the credit.

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No, you can begin the complete program right away even if you’re utilizing a payment plan.

Most customers obtain funding within the first 30-45 days on average.

Absolutely! Our team of knowledgeable experts can provide guidance on how to best use your resources in order to maximize both your personal credit and your company investments.

This system does everything for you. With the exception of credit restoration and eliminating the inquiries, the Credit Skyway team manages the entire process from beginning to end. The only thing left to do is wait for the mail to deliver the cards. You can remove inquiries with the help of Credit Skyway.

To help you improve your credit score to the highest levels possible, Credit Skyway offers one-on-one coaching. Credit Skyway also offers credit repair services and recommends using them. The Credit Skyway team can work on other credit-building options, such as corporate credit and the formation of an LLC and/or sole proprietorship, while your credit is being repaired.

One percent of the sum is required each month in payments. This means that if you borrow $30,000 at 0% interest, your monthly payment will only be $300. Making 2-3 times the minimum payment is advised by Credit Skyway so that your company can establish a solid rapport with lenders.

Two lenders who report to the personal credit are Capital One and Discover. They won’t be used for business credit by the Credit Skyway team. Knowing which lenders to use and which to avoid is our responsibility. Unless you desire to pursue the mentioned accounts, any business credit we obtain WILL NOT influence or report to your personal credit.

During your session with a us, we will get a 3 Bureau credit report and thoroughly evaluate your profile.

Any type of business or investor can use the service. You do not have to file tax returns or profit statements, making it ideal for start-ups.

There are two membership tiers offered by Credit Skyway. The Performance-Based program, which costs $597 to sign up for and is paid on a monthly basis, is option one. The second option is a 12-month membership in which you can get multiple rounds of funding totaling between $50,000 and $250,000 at 0% interest. You only pay the one-time charge for the 12-month option; there are no ongoing costs. Along with many other exclusive benefits, the 12-month membership entitles you to 12-months of one-on-one assistance

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