Protect Your Identity and Avoid Scams While Holiday Shopping in 2022

The holidays bring joy, time off from work, and days spent with family, but they can also be accompanied by added stressors. Whether you’re stretching your finances to afford presents, struggling with travel plans, or rushing to get everything done before taking a few days off, the extra expenses and pressure could make you a […]

How to build your credit from scratch

How to build credit when you’re just getting started After you finish high school or college, when you’re developing your financial independence, you’ll probably have several essentials on your to-do list: find a job, rent an apartment, maybe buy a car. But one often-overlooked item can be a prerequisite to all of the others: Establish […]

What Could be an Awful Credit History and Rating?

Having a “bad credit history,” a “bad credit rating” or simply “bad credit” usually means your credit reports (and the credit scores that derive from them) show negative credit behaviors in your recent past. Credit is simply making a purchase or borrowing money with the agreement that you’ll pay later. A lender’s willingness to let […]

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